Carpe Auditions

leapEvery successful actor or actress will tell you that their success was based mostly on 3 simple things....

  1. Be prepared
  2. Give it your all
  3. Keep trying

Feeling at ease in any audition comes from a combination of experience and training. Take classes, research your part and study your performance. Get feedback. Use your local resources for free guidance. Feel at ease on video.
A video audition is required by many advertising agencies and casting directors for many different projects.

Know how to slate and hit your marks. Get a copy of your script in advance and memorize it . Your agent should help you with this, along with details that may help your audition like wardrobe suggestions and "attitude". Listen, stay focused and ask questions if you don't understand.

Arrive early and be at your best. Have your headshot and resume ready at all times!
Audition for everything that you can. It's all a learning experience and even though you may not be right for the part that day.

Most casting directors will remember you if they like what they see! Ask for feedback to make the most out of your audition if at all possible. Keep an open mind and a positive outlook in a business full of rejection to keep your creative juices flowing.

Remember that preparation and opportunity = success!

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