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Movie Extra's Etiquette


It all looks solo easy. One day someone is an ordinary guy or girl, living and working with you and me, and the next thing you know they are splashed all over the cover of every celebrity tabloid magazine at the supermarket checkout stand. They’re a ‘star’!

Headlines tout their ‘meteoric’ rise to the top of superstardom. You too begin to believe that fame and fortune could be right around the corner for you….STOP…SNAP OUT OF IT….and don’t believe those marvelous publicity machines. THERE IS NO SPECIAL SHORTCUT TO THE TOP. Most of these actors have spent years getting to this point in their career.

The reality of the industry is that- if you have no on-set experience- it is highly unlikely that you will land a leading role. Pigs could fly first. (Of course the exception to this is rule is children)

So the best way to get your foot in the door (and your resume started) is to do “extra” work.

Production crews prefer to work with talent that has some sort of “on-set” experience … that way they don’t waste half of their time telling you what to do and what not to do.

The following is a short list of “on-set etiquette” tips for extras :

  1. Be seen and not heard.
  2. Any kind of set disruption will get you released and never cast again. Do not ask to leave early.
  3. No gossiping. Questions are good when you are learning but always be sure and limit them …and …ask the right people.
  4. Do not ask questions of the production crew-they are busy! Do not ask the Director/Producer/Camera/Lighting/Craft Services or STARS!

Ask someone with casting crew or fellow extras.

    • Being polite, on time, and having a positive attitude will get you cast again and again. Oh and don’t eat all the food…there’s a lot of mouths to feed on-set.
    • Remember, actors with attitude are replaceable.

You can be an extra as often as you wish. It is a great opportunity to network about upcoming projects and build your resume…as well as get paid!

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