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Image Maintenence

 imageOne of the most common mistakes new models make is not something they DO, it's something they DON'T do!! If the most popular catchword in this industry is EXPOSURE, EXPOSURE, EXPOSURE, then surely right behind it comes MAINTENANCE, MAINTENANCE, MAINTENANCE!!

Let's face a model you are constantly marketing one basic asset----your look! You have online portfolios posted in dozens of places on the web, composite cards, as well as a hard-copy portfolio book... all designed to do one prospective clients your 'look'.

Once the initial set-up is complete and your career is launched don't forget it's your responsibility to maintain the 'product' you're selling! Think of it this way: as a model, you are always ON! You never know when a last minute cancellation or short-notice posting will come your way and 6 weeks of neglect can NOT be undone in 2 days.
    * Finger and toe nails should always be clean, freshly-manicured AND a sensible length. No matter what your girlfriends tell you...unless your shooting for the Guiness Book instead of Redbook, "claws" are NOT attractive! Restraint is the keyword here!
    * Your hair, whether long or short or whatever the style should be not only neatly trimmed and clean, but bouncy, shiny and full of life! If you color, be vigilant about dark roots and breakage. Ask your stylist about the best ways to combat chemical and heat damage.
    * Be sure to always get enough amount of make-up will totally camoflage the dark circles and dragged-out look that result from too little sleep. Modern technology is wonderful but the best lighting and air-brushing techniques in the business will not disguise the effects of 2 all-nighters and a keg of beer.
    * Pay close attention to your diet. Eat lots of fruits, vegetables and take a multi-vitamin if necessary. Nutrition plays a major role in the health and appearance of hair and skin. Avoid sweets, empty carbs and junk foods like the plague! And remember to keep your water intake at 8 glasses a day....this is crucial to your complexion as well as interior plumbing and energy levels.
    * Be sure to excercise regularly. Work out a daily routine and adhere to it faithfully. It doesn't have to be an expensive gym membership, either. A brisk, 30-minute walk every day will work miracles on those stubborn pounds as well as firm and tone almost every muscle you have!
    * Go easy on the sunbathing! Look great with a tan? Invest the time and money for a professional spray job or get that sun- kissed look from a lotion. Keep your eyes on the future. If your plans include modeling even 6 or 7 years from now, having the complexion of an alligator will NOT have clients beating down your door unless they're selling luggage!

If you were working a regular 9 to 5'd certainly do your best to keep your skills in top form and stay in touch with the newest developments. Modeling is no different. Your look is what you sell and maintenance of that look is your job! Treat it that way! While the Lord may have blessed you with great genes and classic beauty, the day- to-day maintenance is YOUR responsibility!

And a word about the importance of updating. Keep your photos, comp cards & web images current....reflecting how you look today. Changed your hairstyle or color? Had your teeth whitened or straightened? Finally lost that last 7 pounds? Be sure your photos include these changes! Thanks to the internet, clients can browse your pictures 24/7. If they select you based on the look in your online portfolio and they do not recognize the person who comes to the audition, they will NOT be amused and you will NOT be hired! If this all this sounds like a full-time're getting the idea. Develop a maintenance regimen and stick to it like glue. It will keep you working and pay dividends in terms of your career for years to come!

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