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Online Portfolios vs. Hard Copy Comp Cards

Online Portfolios
Composite Cards


Whether you're just starting out in a career as a model or a seasoned talent preparing to become active again, brace yourself!!

Traditional techniques for such practices as job searches and submissions have undergone a radical upheaval thanks to the Internet. For both the talent and client, new aspects of high- speed communication via the web have taken the drudgery, frustration and even the nail-biting suspense out of the industry in general. Did they get my submission? Should I have used the 'other' photo? Have they received my comp card yet? Are there any new ad campaigns or product pushes in the works? Questions like these and many more can now be answered with the click of a mouse.

Agencies that offer their talents on-line portfolios in conjunction with access to industry-based assignment sites have dramatically changed the face of modeling today. An online portfolio, for example, is nothing less than YOU!! Online, up close and personal! Photos showing your different moods, looks, and outfits that display your range as a talent as well as your current stats, resume details, and contact information. With just a mouse click, prospective clients can see the best you have to offer which enables them to decide very quickly which talents to select.

But traditional agency bookings are a crucial part of the industry as well. In the past....clients needing models had to supply the agencies with job info and wait while booking agents contacted prospective models to check on schedule availability, prior commitments, etc. This was usually done after spending considerable time playing 'phone tag' or waiting for snail mail. The advent of the 'Net and the email phenomenon has virtually done away with waiting and ushered in the age of instant communication! Agents rely on quick contact and responses from the talents concerning bookings!

All the buzz about online portfolios is justified and you shouldn't hesitate to take advantage of this exciting new promotional avenue that can speed up the entire process. But don't make the mistake of overlooking or ignoring the importance of traditional hard-copy composite cards. There are still categories of the modeling indus- try where comp-cards ( 3x5 color cards that show a close up of a model plus stats on one side, and the model in 3 different 'looks' on the reverse, as well as contact info) are required, such as most casting calls (for acting, commercials,etc.) and all print modeling assignments. They remain a solid investment and should not be ignored in favor of the online portfolio. The two should work together to make a model's arsenal of promotional tools more effective than ever before! Enough cannot be said about the importance of keeping your tools updated and current, whether online or in-hand. While comp cards may be redone every few years or even more frequently if the talent's 'look' is always changing,.... online portfolios are even easier to update! As well as photos that truly reflect the way you look NOW... don't forget to keep contact info viable as well. If your range and potential catch a client's eye, only to have their email query for more info return to them as "undeliverable".....who loses? Clients have thousands of models from which to choose.....they're not likely to
engage in complicated procedures to track you down. If you want to give the impression that you are a serious-minded professional, you will keep your email address operable, check it frequently and respond in a timely manner to any and all questions.

You may not have been selected for the current assignment, but a stylish, up-to-date portfolio combined with reliable contact info tells prospective clients that you are serious about your career and keeps you in the running to win the 'recall' quality that can make the difference in this exciting, competitive field.


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