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Ever wonder who's behind all the services found here at XtremeTalent.biz? Curious about how we provide all the exciting opportunities you've come to expect?

Take a moment to consider:
Introductory promotional events......digital test shoots.....amazing online portfolios.....instructional emails for new models in many different areas, an assignment posting database used by clients nationwide to advertise upcoming jobs....submitting and editing capabilities for all models who purchase a web portfolio.....all this and much more!!

Almost every internet-related service we provide here results from the hard work, skilled training and creativity of an extremely talented crew of individuals who come together to produce and maintain the various depart- ments.

This dedicated team is hard at work, behind the scenes, bringing you new and updated features, such as the model feedback and Frequently Asked Questions links, the monthly newsletter, Success Stories, and so much more! The expertise and innovative creativity of the team at Xtremetalent.Biz is what makes all this possible!

We take a lot of pride in what we do and it shows....leaving no stone unturned in our efforts to bring all talent the highest quality online representation found anywhere! After all, we were the first to utilize the speed and versatility of the internet to revolutionize the casting and modeling industry and we're determined to remain on the cutting edge of all the future has to offer! So, whether your looking for good, solid traditional representation via composite cards, hardcover portfolios and an experienced booking department or the modern, high-tech approach to online talent....you'll find the expertise you're looking for to meet your needs right here!


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