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Comments From Victoria about xtremetalent.biz
WorkShop Comments The Work shop was very informative. Dylan kept us laughing but at the same time got the information across in a way that was not dry and boring.
PhotoShoot Comments The photoshoot was exciting. Tori is only 11 years old so I was worried she wouldn't understand what she was supposed to do but both photographers explained everything clearly and as a result the pictures look beautiful!
WebSite Comments The website is very user friendly. I like how the instructions on how to make changes is built right into the site. I have already uploaded more of Tori's photos and applied for a stock photo job. The website makes applying for jobs much easier than what it would be with comp cards.
Comments From Amberli about xtremetalent.biz
WorkShop Comments I really enjoyed the workshop. The staff at xtreme Talent never sugarcoat anything, so you know exactly what to expect.
PhotoShoot Comments The photographers were so much fun! I felt really comfortable around them so I wasnt afraid to be myself and thats what helped me loosen up for the photos.
WebSite Comments I really love all of it. The jobs are really easy to get to and the process is simple.
Comments From Bobbie about xtremetalent.biz
WorkShop Comments It was alot easier and more fun then I thought. I really liked it.
PhotoShoot Comments I like my photos
WebSite Comments The site looks well organized.
Comments From Jack about xtremetalent.biz
WorkShop Comments
PhotoShoot Comments
WebSite Comments I just wanted to let you know that Jack Lussier went on his first audition today. It was held in Boston, MA. at Emmerson College. It is for a film called "kiss of death." Jack had a great time and truly enjoyed his interview. They all laughed at him for some of his answers and said they would be in touch with us within two weeks. I will let you know how the end result is. Regardless of what happens, this was a great opportunity for Jack to learn what an audition is like. Have a great week. Nicole (Jack's mom)
Comments From Jack about xtremetalent.biz
WorkShop Comments The workshop was very informative and helpful. All of the questions I had were answered with honesty. I was very interesting and fun!
PhotoShoot Comments Jack had a great time at the photoshoot. It was a very relaxed setting and there was no pressure on him at all. He laughed and enjoyed himsself. He never got bored.
WebSite Comments The website has been very helpful. It is very easy to navigate. It is updated all the time and it is there for you to do what you want with it. I enjoy everything about xtremetalent!!
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