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Comments From Jermaine about xtremetalent.biz
WorkShop Comments We did appreciate the information given in the workshop. It was interesting and fun at the same time.
PhotoShoot Comments The photo shoot was a great experience! I would be nice if people would show up on time when others are ready to go. Otherwise, the whole experience was fun, and exciting! The photographer made it fun for all!
WebSite Comments The website is a good source. Since we been up and woorking on submitting to assignments we have had the opportunity to be a part of YIC/OMEL. We are currently working on our page there to summit to their postings. Wish me luck! I'm 5yrs old ready to show the world who I am and have fun.
Comments From Chyna about xtremetalent.biz
WorkShop Comments The workshop was extremely informational and helpful. I still go to the packet that was handed out on the day and it helps me with many of the questions that I have run into while on the website. The workshop had a great environment so I wasn't scared to ask any questions.
PhotoShoot Comments This photoshoot was the first one that I have ever done, so I was a little nervous. But the person in charge made me feel really confortable. It was a great experience and I hope that there well be many more in my future.
WebSite Comments The website is user friendly. The help section filled me in with all the info that I needed to find my way around. It is a great idea to have the jobs posted online. The only down side with that would be that some of the job posting are old and it would be helpful if they were removed after the job was over, some don't show the date that the job take place, and there isn't enough notice to get ready for the jobs that are posted. Other than that the website is a great idea and kudos to the person who came up with it.
Comments From Laughvon about xtremetalent.biz
WorkShop Comments It was extremely informative and gave great details of expectations.
PhotoShoot Comments It was handled very professionally. The photographer made the atmosphere comfortable which allowed the models to be relaxed and natural.
WebSite Comments The website is easy to manuever.
Comments From ebony about xtremetalent.biz
WorkShop Comments it was awesome and very imformative dylan was awesome and very out spoken and honest and down to the point
PhotoShoot Comments the men that were taking the pictures were very comfortable to work with and i think i did and awesome job taking the photos!!!!
WebSite Comments umm i really havent got my website page up yet but im pretty sure that it is amazing and when i do finish my final task i hope to see myself on the website
Comments From Nauldia about xtremetalent.biz
WorkShop Comments
PhotoShoot Comments I Love All My Photos.
WebSite Comments
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